Our WonderLash magnetic Lashes are Medium volume, naturally curved lashes, with a cat-eye flair, feathery and ultra-realistic. Faux mink downy tips give this lash a soft look and feel. Evenly dispersed fine lashes.


    • 1 pair of Wonderlash Magnetic Lashes, 6 magnets, 4mm – 12mm lash length, trimmable
    • 8 bonus Anchor Magnets
    • Nickel free


BONUS!  We've added a super cool bonus feature, ANCHORS!!  Our mini anchor magnets are great for adding a bit more stability or hold.

you can also choose to wear your lashes with achors only!


Magnetic products should not be worn in or near an MRI machine.

Gluten free, Vegan, Cruelty Free 

Tori Belle WonderLash Magnetic Lash Bundle

SKU: 0074